October 2, 2014

 Dr. Eric Cooper

Dr. Eric Cooper - former associate professor at Columbia University - is a leading US educator and the founder president of the National Urban Alliance - a critically acclaimed education organisation.

TEDx Talk: The power of belief

Nicole van Hattem

Nicole Van Hattem is a raw health coach who emphasises on the power of green and healthy living. She has, in the past, worked with 'How Women Work', and currently serves as the Director of Art of Abundant Living.

TEDx Talk: 5 to thrive in the 9-5

Dr. R. Seetharaman

Dr R. Seetharaman is an internationally recognised banker, economist, and philanthropist. A stellar chartered accountant by trade, Dr Seetharaman is the Group CEO of DohaBank, one of the largest banks in the region.

TEDx Talk: Sustainable development

Tareq Hallawa 

Tareq Hallawa is a senior Computer Science student at the American University Sharjah. He is a prolific mobile App designer and an intern at Microsoft.

TEDx Talk: Making a difference with technology

Dr. Wyatt Hume

Dr. Wyatt Hume is an academic and is the Executive Director of Education, Training, and Development at Qatar Foundation R&D - one of the world's largest human development organisations. Prior to this, he served as the Vice Chancellor of UCLA, and a Provost in the University of California system.

TEDx Talk: Unlocking human potential






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